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Illinois OBCs for Natural Parents : ehbabes.com

Illinois OBCs for Natural Parents

Certain Illinois born adoptees have been allowed to get a non certified copy of their original birth certificate for a few years.  Effective Jan 2015 natural parents are also able to receive a copy of their child’s un-amended certificate. This is the certificate that will list the natural parents as having correctly given birth to their child versus the amended one which changes the child’s name and lists adoptive parents names in place of natural.

To obtain a copy, natural parents must download a form, complete it and mail with a $15.00 check to Illinois IDPH. Be sure to also include a copy of your valid ID.

Visit the site and for the section below (linked for convenience and appropriate citation).

Birth Parent Request for a Non-Certified Copy of an Original Birth Certificate – This form is to be submitted along with a copy of a valid government issued photo identification (ID) and a check or money order for $15 made payable to Illinois Department of Public Health.” – IDPH

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