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  • Adoption Art

    Copyright Joanna Fisher Photography

  • Adoption Art

    Copyright Joanna Fisher

  • Adoption Photography

    Copyright Joanna Fisher Photography

  • Adoption Art

    We are pleased to feature the adoption inspired artwork of Easter House reunited adoptee, Joanna Fisher.  To view more of her artwork, view our category titled “Adoption Art”. To submit your own original works, use our contact form.  Send us your photography, poetry and more.

  • Adoption Art

    We are pleased to feature the adoption inspired photography of Easter House adoptee, Joanna Fisher.

"When a mother is forced to choose between the child and the culture, there is something abhorrently cruel and unconsidered about that culture. A culture that requires harm to one's soul in order to follow the cultures prescriptions is a very sick culture indeed. This 'culture' can be the one a woman lives in, but more damning yet, it can be the one she carries around and complies with within her own mind....." -- Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Illinois OBCs for Natural Parents

Certain Illinois born adoptees have been allowed to get a non certified copy of their original birth certificate for a few years.  Effective Jan 2015 natural parents are also able to receive a copy of their child’s un-amended certificate. This is the certificate that will list the natural parents as having correctly given birth to […]

July 11, 1989

Adoptee born July 11, 1989 looking for first family. Adopted via Friends of Children in Little Rock, Arkansas. Adoptee has first parents possible date of birth to help to help with confirming.

Easter House Adoptee born March 24, 1994

Adoptee born Mar 24, 1994 and adopted through Easter House looking to connect with first family. Contact us via our Facebook page for more information.

September 19, 1995

Adoptive mother to a child born 9/19/1995 is looking for adoptive child’s first family. Adoptive mother states a need for medical info. Adopted through Easter House. Contact us at info@ehbabes.com for more information.  We intentionally do not give out contact details on these postings to minimize chances of individuals getting scammed.

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