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Seymour Kurtz : ehbabes.com


February 10, 1971 Adopted female adult would like to reconnect with her natural family. She was born in Cook County Hospital in IL and surrender to adoption via Easter House.

Changes to Illinois Adoption Laws

On November 15, 2011, Illinois became the 9th -U.S. state to allow all adopted adults to obtain their original birth certificates upon written request As many Easter House adoptees were born or surrendered in IL, we encourage you to educate yourself on the changes in Illinois law.  Much information  can be found at the White […]

Dirty Business

ehbabes founder, Suz Bednarz, acknowledged in the book Dirty Business by author Tracy Sharp. The book is currently available via amazon as an eBook.  Ms. Sharp acknowledges Suz and mothers like her: “Thanks goes to Suz Bednarz, who opens herself up on her blog in hopes of helping others, and to the brave women who […]

Search Tips & Helpful Information

Are you searching for you natural parents? Your child? Need some facts, some things to trace down? On this page we will list some common themes we have seen with the agency adoptions. We hope they are helpful to you! The details below have been gathered by interviews, email conversations and more with EH natural […]

Faces of Adoption

We would like to revisit a feature we had on our old site – The Faces of Kurtz Adoptions. This involves posting photos of mothers, fathers, adult adoptees that were separated via Kurtz. If you are interested in participating, please contact us.   We will not use your name – just your image. Goal is to […]